My new side hustle: Online community for Expat Women in Ireland

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Hi Ladies, I am so enjoy the few days of sunshine and feeling inspired in getting some side hustle projects done.

I have been validating the idea to create a online community, not just a Facebook group for expat women in Ireland.

I am still validating both ideas: a professional network and an online community. The online community Facebook group is this one, and it’s inspired on Girl Gone International.

Expat Women in Ireland
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A place for all expat women in Dublin to get questions answered, sell whatever they like, and seek comfort in a safe, non-judgmental group.


The professional version it’s called Professional Expat Women in Ireland, and it has its own slack page (hey, we are all pro here) and the Facebook page it’s this one:

I am gathering interest beforehand, then I will decide which technology I will use to build the websites.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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