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Starting the New Year Practising Self Care

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I am that kind of person that uses IFTTT to send me a reminder of my New Year’s Resolution.

Time goes by and I still have some resolutions not sorted, that’s why I started to celebrate small wins to achieve greater goals and I noticed that self care plays a major role.

I meditate, exercise and eat well.  Truth is that I wish that all that were true most of the time.

This year I will have these three things in mind every time I wake up:

  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Eat

To meditate I will read more about Reiki , use more Stop, Breath and Think (my favorite meditation is Change). When it comes to exercise I will focus more on classes since I am not a gym fanatic myself, so there you go: zouk, Brazilian funk, kizomba and to break the dancing triad I will add pilates. Now when it comes to eating, I will just focus in eating less red meat, eating organic food, cutting processed food and sugar from my life.

There you go. Focusing on those three will have a positive effect in my professional life, no doubt.

And there you go, cheers for my continuing self improvement.

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