I am back! Eu voltei

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I am back as a new year resolution.

It usually last a few days then the blog is inactive, I get lost into my own world, like all of sudden I am too busy to write about my life and to engage with strangers but so far I want all these thoughts to be only words that I can prove wrong.

I should be able to write in a second language that is not my own and also write in my mother tongue which is Brazilian Portuguese, a musical variant of European Portuguese.

This year meant a lot to me because after ten years I graduated in a second degree in STEM. I am working as a Product Designer and taking projects that cause a positive impact in people’s lives especially in the education field.

I became a woman that work in tech and I advocate for more women to work in the technology sector, I also became more aware of so many things, like my own identity as a mixed race woman, I hired someone to do a genealogy study, I did a DNA test, I decided to go natural and let my afro curls show off.

I set new goals and I am putting myself first in so many decisions, and one life lesson that I learned is that I always switch places when it comes to people an decisions I and ask if the situation was inverted would that person be there or do the same thing for me?

So I started also eliminating what is not necessary.






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